Sri Lanka Crisis: The process of desperate Sri Lankans going abroad illegally is not stopping

We all know that in the midst of the deepening economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the incidents of people leaving the country illegally are increasing continuously. Recently, most of these people have left for other countries by sea. In such a situation, the business of human trafficking is flourishing.

Sri Lanka Crisis

Many such gangs have been formed, which are engaged in the work of transporting illegally displaced people to other countries. Last month, the Sri Lankan Navy caught eight boats carrying 351 people. Sri Lankan police say most people leaving the country amid economic desperation have been taken to Australia.

The boats seized by the Navy were engaged in the evacuation of people off the coasts of Batticaloa, Trincomalee, and the Western Province. According to media reports, the police did not specify under which law the boats were confiscated. But it is reported that Australia had asked the Sri Lankan Navy to stop boats carrying people out of the country.

It is said that Australia has also given technical assistance to the Sri Lankan Navy for this work. On June 6, the Australian Embassy in Colombo said in a tweet – ‘It is reminded that although a new government has been formed in Australia, there has been no change in its border security policies.’

The previous government of Australia was considered very strict in immigration matters. In May, the Labor Party government was formed there, which is considered liberal. Despite this, the Australian embassy gave this warning, which meant that Australia was not ready to accept Sri Lankan refugees.

According to analysts, people are eager to go out of the country due to lack of things and work opportunities in the country. But the Sri Lankan police claim that some gangs are involved in human trafficking scams. A police officer told the website economynext.com- ‘Most people have paid lakhs of rupees to go out. None of them know that they will get success. Even if they go out of Sri Lankan waters, the coast guard in another country can create big trouble for them. There are official reports that this month also the process of going out illegally continues. At least 200 people have been arrested in this attempt this month.

This series started with the departure of many Sri Lankans to India. These people had reached Tamil Nadu. But India did not forcibly send them back like Australia, but they have been given shelter in Tamil Nadu. According to observers, millions of people had fled Sri Lanka even during the three-decade civil war that lasted till 2009. Most of them were Tamils. A large number of them settled permanently in India, European Union, Britain, Australia, America and Canada.

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