You know Zendaya is pregnant! Is this true

Let us tell you, Zendaya, the star of Euphoria, is now world famous. Let me tell you, the actor who is dating Tom Holland made headlines after a Twitter trend, Zendaya is pregnant. After listening to this, you must be thinking, is it true.

Zendaya Instagram

Actually, the matter is like this, a ruckus started after a fake Tiktok video went viral on the internet. The video shows a pregnant ultrasound posting on the actor’s Instagram account. The caption of the video reads, ‘I love you. @tomholland2013 halfway through.’ So let me tell you, Zendaya is not pregnant. Reports say that a popular internet meme, You Just Got Cried, uses false headlines to get likes and views.

The Tiktok video going viral is a prank and fans have become crazy about it. For those who don’t know, in January 2022, a morphed image of Zendaya went viral, showing the actor flaunting a baby bump at a red-carpet event.

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