Political struggle will now erupt over the issue of LPG inflation

LPG price hike in Bangladesh has now become a big political issue. The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has announced a three-day nationwide protest against the decision.

Political struggle will now erupt over the issue of LPG inflation

In the matter, the party has said that at the time when the people of the country were expecting that the government would take relief measures from inflation, at that time a new burden has been put on the people by increasing the price of gas. Actually, the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission had announced to increase the price of gas on Sunday. After this, the BNP held an emergency meeting on Monday. The party announced its protest program on Tuesday.

Let us tell you that, the Regulatory Commission has decided to implement the increase in the price of gas from June 1 – that is, from the last date. According to this decision, the price of LPG has increased by an average of 22.78 percent. According to media reports, this increase of about a quarter together is causing displeasure among the general consumers of Bangladesh. BNP General Secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir announced that from Thursday to Saturday, large public demonstrations would be organized in all the cities of the country including Dhaka.

The party said that its movement will continue till the increased price of gas is returned. The BNP has said that the increase in gas prices will spoil the household budget of the people, as well as its impact on fertilizer factories, industrial units and power generation. All these use natural gas. The party said that this decision of the government will intensify the impact of inflation. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has appealed to the people to walk sparingly. He said in a ceremony on Tuesday that inflation is increasing worldwide due to the Ukraine war and the Corona epidemic.

He said- ‘In our country also the prices of things have increased to some extent. There is still uncertainty about how much this increase will be. This is not happening only in Bangladesh, but it is the same situation all over the world. We have been able to keep prices under control to some extent. The government is doing its best.” Inflation rate in Bangladesh was 6.29 per cent in April.

The figures for May are yet to come. Analysts say that although the inflation rate in Bangladesh is lower than other countries of South Asia, its impact is beginning to be seen on the average household budget. Economists say that a strict lockdown was avoided in Bangladesh during the Corona epidemic. Therefore, the economic condition here did not deteriorate as much as other countries.

But the situation created by the Ukraine war is starting to take effect here. Manzoor Hussain, research director at the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, a government-funded think-tank, has told a website – ‘The challenge before the government at present is to control inflation, control fiscal deficit and adopt appropriate monetary policy.

Steps taken in these directions will result in a fall in the growth rate of GDP. But the government should not compromise too much on the GDP growth rate, so that economic stability remains in the country.

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