Elections in Australia: Why are election posters covered with pictures of Xi Jinping?

Posters of political parties in Australia’s general election have a photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to analysts, this is a sign that national security has emerged as the biggest issue in this election. During this debate, China has been presented as the biggest threat to Australia.

Opposition Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese said in an election speech- ‘Xi Jinping has changed the nature of the Chinese Communist Party. Now this party has become more aggressive. This will have a definite impact on Australia. That’s why Australia must answer it.

For now, the Labor Party is leading in pre-election opinion polls. If these predictions prove to be correct, then for the first time since 2013, a Labor government will be formed in Australia. Voting to elect the House of Representatives, the lower house of parliament with 151 members in Australia, will take place on 21 May.

Xi Jinping

Australia ready for war

According to a report by American TV channel CNN, the way China’s issue has been shadowed on the election campaign, it is clear to what extent its relations with Australia have deteriorated in the last three years. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is leading a coalition of the Liberal Party and the National Party in this election, is trying to save his chair.According to experts, he made China the biggest issue. He has accused the Labor Party of taking a soft stance towards China. Morrison has told every election meeting that Australia should be ready for war.

In response to Morrison’s aggressive stance, the Labor Party has also adopted a fierce anti-China stand. According to political scientists, now there is no difference between the two parties on the issue of China. The Labor Party has also said that it will continue with the OCUS (Australia-United Kingdom – United States) military treaty. Albanese has also supported the Quadrangular Security Dialogue (Quad). Both these international groups have been formed during Morrison’s regime and are considered anti-China.

Solomon Islands agreement with China
A large majority of Australian public opinion now holds a negative opinion of China, according to a survey by the Australian think tank the Lawy Institute. The institute had conducted this survey last year. Observers say that the way China supported Russia in the matter of Ukraine war, it has worsened the opinion in Australian public opinion about it.

Meanwhile, news of China’s military agreement with the Solomon Islands came. Australian experts have called this agreement a challenge to the security of the country. Political analysts are of the opinion that after this incident, anti-China propaganda in the election environment intensified. The Labor Party called this agreement a major failure of the current government.
This forced Morrison to adopt a defensive posture. But in response, he also started discussing the Labor Party’s old record. In this way, China has become the biggest election issue as the voting approaches.

By : News Desk

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